Signing of Memorandum between Mexico and Belize for 25 High School Scholarships.

The Government of Mexico in partnership with Belize signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Escuela Secundaria Technica today for 25 scholarships. In an effort to continue strengthening the ties between Mexico and Belize, 25 scholarships were promised by Mexico to 25 Belizean students from low income families desiring to pursue a high school diploma at Escuela Secundaria Technica. The 25 Scholarships are for the school’s soon to open night school program.  The Media caught up with Ministry of Education’s CEO after the signing.

Deborah Domingo, CEO Ministry of Education

There is a 70% in net enrollment for every district in Belize and Corozal is one of the districts that had been logging behind in terms of enrollment at the secondary level and so with the addition of the scholarships it should do much. When we look at the wealth quin-tile the Corozal District, actually, is 1 of the 3rd highest proportion in the lowest wealth quin-tile. So whatever can be done to assist students in terms of financing their education at the secondary level is an investment worth the while and so the 25 scholarships should go a long way in making it possible for students to make the transition from primary, to secondary school to advance their education.

Mexican representative, Augustin Garcia Lopez also announced, during the ceremony, Mexico’s plans to build a new technical school for Toledo in the near future.

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