“Signs” of heated General Elections

During Election Season, flags, banners and billboards of mostly red and blue adorn the streets in all corners of the country.  Belmopan is no different. But today, the PUP standard Bearer for Belmopan Patrick Andrews and a handful of his supporters were up in arms against the Belmopan City Council. This vlcsnap-2015-10-22-20h52m08s215morning they erected a  “Millions for Brother Barrow” sign that has become quite popular in corners of the PUP for this general election campaign. They say they got the go ahead from City Council to put up the sign but when they started doing so, they say that a representative from the City Council informed them that they would need to take it down.


Patrick Andrews, PUP Standard Bearer, Belmopan: Today we came out here and put up this sign and we had the so call city engineer, Mr. Wade who is also the Bra-lee of John Saldivar came all the way to our PUP office here in Belmopan and he came in and he said that he was under the instructions of the Mayor of Belmopan, that we needed to take down this sign here, because this sign was a negative message and it was also slanderous to the Prime Minister. He also informed us that if we did not take it down that they would come with police and take it down. The issue here, and I explain to Mr. Wade, that if the sign is blocking traffic, if the sign is in any way obstructing the public in anyway, we would more than gladly remove the sign, but not on the basis of the sign being negative. Everybody knows that Dean Barrow has run a corrupt and negative and nepotism in this government. We know that his brother has vlcsnap-2015-10-22-20h52m42s38walked away with millions upon millions of dollars away from the hardworking tax payers of this country. And these are factual information. We have these signs all across the country, we have these ads running in TV so does the mayor and John think that they could come an censor the message that we are trying to inform the residents of Belmopan.

At midday, Andrews and his supporters could be seen standing guard beside the billboard. When we spoke with the Mayor via text message today to ask if he had indeed  given that directive to have the PUP’s remove their sign, he simply told us that he had no idea what that was all about.

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