Silas Sabal releases new Christian Music CD

Silas Sabal, Gospel singer, song writer and producer has released his latest album titled “His Love Has Taken me Over.”  PlusTV caught up with him down south where he was on a promotional tour.

Silas Sabal – Christian Recording Artist:
vlcsnap-2013-05-03-19h06m50s90This is my new project and this is a CD that I just released.  It’s called “His Love Has Taken Me Over.” The reason why I name it this way is because I used to be in the Church, from there I fell out.  I fell out for quite a while.  A lot of stuff that I’ve done in the past, a lot of regrets. I had wounds in my life that was just keeping me back from coming back to Christ, until finally I made up my mind.  When I wrote this song, “His Love Has Taken Me Over”  this is an outstanding song from my album.  I wrote this song because just by the name His love has taken me over.  I don’t care I just took a stand, just to stand up against the enemy and say, you know what, I don’t care what shame you bring.  I don’t care because guilt, that for you.  Grace is for god.  So  this album has 14 songs.  It have a lot of jump-up music.  There’s some Spanish people that have been buying my CD.  They say, “Brother, I don’t understand but I get up in the morning and exercise with your songs, because it make me sweat.”  So it’s a hype CD.  It have different songs.  It even have a song in Spanish.  There’s a song in Garifuna, Spanish, and English.  It has versatility in it.

vlcsnap-2013-05-03-19h07m32s45Silas manages a record studio in Seine Bight Village, where he produces music of various types of genre. He told us about this venture and how he can be contacted.

Silas Sabal – Christian Recording Artist:
My studio is in Placencia, Seine Bight. It’s in the Cultural Center in Seine Bight, and it’s in room 7.  That studio is called Sabal’s Studio Productions.  I got there through negotiation, an agreement between me and the Chairman, not to put pressure upon the people of the community, because there’s a lot of talent there. Also, there’s a lot of experts that’s come from the States, and they’re musicians as well.  So they record right there.  I started off from recording few songs, and then from there I start having hit vlcsnap-2013-05-03-19h08m43s203songs going out there.That’s why I get recognized.   Also it’s on Facebook.  If people go on Facebook and go on Sabal’s Studio Productions, they will see my studio, and the contacts are there.  You can call me at 663-6928, either for the CD, or if you want to record your song.  I record different songs.  If you want a rap, I record that.  If you [have] live music, I record that.  I just did an album for an artist from Virginia, and she records acoustic music. And also orchestral and jazz, I record those music as well.

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