Silk Grass and Santa Cruz residents to protest at National Assembly

Over the last week or so, PlusNews has been highlighting various issues raised by villagers in the south. These issues involve the resources of water and land in the villages of Silk Grass and Santa Cruz.

PlusNews has confirmed that the residents from both villages will be staging a protest in front of the National assembly at Friday’s House Meeting, in order to bring attention to the problems that have been plaguing the rural communities.

Hon Rodwell Furgeson, who represents the area in the south, says it’s about time that his constituency gets some national attention over the issues they are facing.

vlcsnap-2014-09-05-08h09m47s222Rodwell Furgeson – Stann Creek West Area Representative

“One lot will be for a Library, one lot for a Fire Station, and three lots will be for commercial purposes.  The Village Council does not know exactly who these lands are going to.  They should have been consulted, because they run the community.  But they have decided exactly who they are going to give these lots to.  It is so unfortunate.

So I will stand behind the people of Santa Cruz a hundred per-cent.  We are still doing a demonstration in Belmopan, Friday at the National Assembly, to register out discontent to what is happening in Santa Cruz.”

PlusNews will be at the House meeting on Friday, and will be sure to update viewers about the happenings inside and outside the House.

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