Silk Grass and Santa Cruz village protest in front of National Assembly

We have been reporting on the matters concerning the village of Silk Grass in the Stann Creek District, where many villagers are claiming that two separate and independent committees are going rogue.

On Monday we reported the matter concerning the village Water Board, which villagers claimed had no meetings, no financial reports, and only answerable to UDP caretaker, Mevlin Hulse. But there is a more pressing matter that the villagers took on Friday to the steps of the National Assembly Building.

vlcsnap-2014-09-06-08h54m38s21According to Solomon Andrews, Village Chairman of Silk Grass, if the villagers are not allowed to pay their leases before the grace period, over a hundred villagers will lose their land.

The villagers of silk Grass were also joined by some members of the Santa Cruz village, who claim that three weeks ago, surveyors arrived in the village to survey large parcels of lands in the village, without the knowledge or consent of the village council. These areas were being reserved for the development of the community; to build parks, health facilities or evens schools. But according to reports, a portion of those lands is being surveyed for private distribution. One woman of the community reiterated the need to build a school in the community.

The demonstrators were addressed on Friday by their area Representative for Stann Creek West, Rodwell Ferguson, and the leader of the Opposition.

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