Small fire at Dorothy Menzies Child Care center

There was a small fire at the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center located at St. Thomas Street in Belize City. It happened on Thursday afternoon. Police say when they got to the scene, a sofa and an AC unit were seen completely damaged by fire at the back of the building. 35-year-old Kisha Coye, a foster mother at the center,  reported to the police that about 3:30p.m., she was sitting under a shed located in the compound when she was alerted by the security officer of smoke coming from behind the main office. She then ran to the office and noticed a huge fire at the back of the building. She called 911 and informed them of the incident. Shortly after, the Fire Service arrived and extinguished the fire before it caused any major damage. All damaged items are property of the Government of Belize. The estimated value of damages is yet to be ascertained. Police are investigating.vlcsnap-00021 vlcsnap-00020

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