Soldier arrested for burglary and grievous harm

A Belizean soldier has been arrested for the crimes of burglary, grievous harm, and damage to property. Alex Candido Tzul, a  38 year old Belizean soldier of Calcutta was accused by 48 year old Jesus Mossiah,  a vendor of Calcutta Village, Corozal District. Mossiah reported that on March 24 about 12.:30am, he was at his residence sleeping, when he was awakened by someone hitting him on his face and all over his body. During the assault, he sustained injuries to his left hand, leg and also to his forehead. He further stated that his wallet containing $120.00 was under his pillow went missing during the assault. He recognized his attacker as one Alex Tsul,  his neighbor whom he knows for the past eight years. 

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