Somerville dismissed; no charges levied

In October 2013 it was reported that 189 cheques amounting to over $367 thousand dollars were embezzled from the Southern Regional Hospital over the course of three years. An Audit was conducted by the Auditor General and Nasley Somerville, the Hospital Administrator, was found responsible for the missing cheques. As a result Somerville was suspended on half pay and the report was handed over to police. Since then the Public Service Commission has been hearing her case. The news today is that Somerville lost her case with the Public Service Commission and has since been dismissed. That means she will no longer be getting the half pay she was receiving while on suspension. Interestingly, the police department have levied no charges against Somerville. The decision to dismiss Somerville from the Public Service came after she appeared before the commission twice this year and was confirmed in a letter sent to her on Monday April 20th. Somerville denied signing the cheques and had told the commission that the signature that appears on the checks is not hers. And while the Commission has taken decisive action against Somerville, authorities are no step closer to recovering the more than quarter million dollars of public monies.

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