Son Asks for Help in Finding Missing Father

56 year old Mark Phillips Sr. a resident of Teakettle village, Cayo District, has been reported missing.  According to his son Mark Phillips Jr., a resident of Camalote Village, his father has not been seen for the last four days

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“Apparently, for some reason, he had to go see his mother in Belize City on Monday, May 5th, which was a couple of says da back; he was supposed to d o some personal business with his mother in Belize City and they didn’t accomplish it.  I talked to my grandmother which is his mother and I explained to her that the situation that he didn’t report that same Monday. She is saying that she did told him to go back because they didn’t accomplish the mission that they were supposed to do.  Since then, we haven’t seen him or heard from him.  Tuesday morning, I got a call from his boss (he is working in the security company in Lines Department) saying to me that he hasn’t shown for work and he is supposed to work today.  I told him that I am going to investigate and see what is the situation”.

According to his son, on that same Monday,  Mark Phillips Sr. was to make some money transactions in Belize.  According to Phillips Jr., when his dad left on Monday, he did not take his phone with him.

vlcsnap-2014-05-08-17h35m00s232Mark Philips Jr:  “She told me that the last time she’s seen him, he was wearing a grey T-shirt with some designs on it along with a blue jeans pants.  He had his cap on and a dark shades.  His description is of fair complexion man, he is bald headed, thick eyebrows, measures about 5.5” in height; he is 56 years old.  When he came to Belize on Monday morning, he was frustrated and he was in some of argument with his wife.   For some reason, I don’t know if that is the situation why he didn’t go home on Monday.  What I am saying to my grandmother that, that doesn’t give him a reason to be away from home for more than two or three days; now, it makes four days.  We haven’t seen or heard from him from nowhere and my little sister, his daughter is only 13 years old; she is crying and crying, and crying over the phone and looking to me telling me, please go and look for my father.  Now, I make it on my own to say, this is going too far because it’s four days now.  So, I decided to make a report to the station and that’s what I did today”.

Anybody knowing the whereabouts of Mark Phillips Sr. is asked to please contact any of the family members at 634 9041 or 629 1857 or 207 0008

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