Son stabs father; father won’t press charges

On Monday we told you about a stabbing incident in Esperanza Village, Cayo, which involved a father and a son.

Reports were that that on Saturday night December 6th, 50 year old Joseph August Sr. and his 20 year old son were socializing at a bar in the village when they got into an argument. The son then reportedly left but returned a short while later with a knife and inflicted a stab wound to his father’s chest.

Joseph was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital and later transported to the Western Regional Hospital in a stable condition.

Charges were dropped on Tuesday at the request of the father.

Inspector Raymundo Reyes, Deputy Officer Cmmanding  San Ignacio Police Formation explained.


vlcsnap-2014-12-10-06h32m40s78Inspector Raymundo Reyes

“Mr Joseph August Senior was socializing with his son, when he was attacked by his son, Joseph August Junior, who apparently at an early age he was diagnosed to be a mental patient.

The father was transposted to Belmopan, with a stab wound to the left side of his chest.

He gave a statement to the police where he requested no kind of  court action against his son, because of his condition. 

Apparently they were socializing and I think the young man wanted to consume alcohol, and the father was trying somewhat to stop him  drinking any further.”

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