Southern Caucus says Ramos not pushed

At today’s PUP press conference addressing the sudden resignation of another PUP Area Representative,  PUP Southern Caucus Chairman Oscar Requena addressed the circumstances of Ivan Ramos’ departure. According to Requena, the decision was always in Ramos’ hands following his executive committee’s avowed disapproval.

Hon. Oscar Requeña – Toledo Westvlcsnap-2015-06-10-09h44m42s172
“No, other than to say that he made a decision and at the end of the day he is the one who had to make the decision and the decision was made by him and we have to move forward.”

“Can you confirm if any of you guys from the southern caucus before making that decision to resign his seat?”

Hon. Oscar Requeña
“All I can say is that we were in discussion for quite some time. In fact myself and the honorable Rodwell met with him personally, we spoke as colleagues. I think we have a very frank discussion and he said to us it was a decision that he had to make and we made it absolutely clear to him that whatever decision he took whether he decided to stay on or that we would support him or if he decided that he was going to step down – that we would also ask him to support us and we would work with him as well. So it was purely a decision in his hands.”

Requena declined comment on whether the party believed Ramos accepted payment to step aside but says despite the party’s edict that no elected representative could be touched, if circumstances dictated it that could change.

Hon. Oscar Requeña

“Well I think that at the end of the day, we have to understand that when we are in the business of politics, we have to ensure that we have to be engaged with our people. At the end of the day, I think it was always made clear that there was a provision that all candidates will be endorsed, but that there was always the possibility that if the party felt or the executive, the people on the grounds felt that any of us were not meeting the expectations of the people that we would be subject to the discretion of the party in terms of deciding whether we would run or not.”

Former PUP leader John Briceno says the party can recover.

John Briceño – Former Party Leadervlcsnap-2015-06-10-10h05m14s207

“I think in every instance there is a different story as to why people decided to run or not to run. I think what is important is that we are working on having a good team together. A team 31 that would be able to  represent the People’s United Party in the Next election. Candidates that are in touch with the people, candidates that have the ability and the heart, the corazon, the love for their people who they want to support. That is what I think we need to zone in, to concentrate, to look at… that we have  team 31 that is ready to serve the people of Belize whenever the prime minister decides to call the next general elections.”

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