Southern Foreshore Crime Watch establishes Dangriga’s First Police Precinct






Southern Foreshore Crime Watch, Dangriga’s first organized neighborhood watch group, in cooperation with the Dangriga Police Formation, acquired and renovated a four-room suite of offices in the Dangriga Post Office to establish the town’s first Police Precinct. The inception of the precinct is one of a series of initiatives to improve law enforcement activity in Dangriga’s seafront neighborhood. This area is home to over two hundred residences and businesses including several of the town’s major tourist facilities. On Friday, the precinct was handed over to the Dangriga Police Formation and the Police Department’s Southern Region. Our Dangriga correspondent, Harry Arzu was on hand for the ceremony and has this story.

vlcsnap-2013-10-21-08h28m41s131Harry Arzu: “An official handing over ceremony of Dangriga’s First Police Precinct, in the Fore Shore area of this municipality.  Brian Coriton, who was the President of the Southern Foreshore Neighbourhood Watch Group, was very instrumental in his efforts to make the precinct a reality.”

Mr. Brian Coriton- Former President of the Foreshore Neighbourhood Watch Group

“Today was a big day for Southern Foreshore and for the community of Dangriga, as we were able to handle the community’s first full service precinct to the Dangriga Police Formation.   We are particularly grateful for the businesses and residents of Southern Foreshore who came to raise $4,500 to complete the renovation of the space allotted for the Dangriga Post Office, and they were cooperatively in carrying out the renovation.   We look forward to a renewed and increased chapter in Police-community relations and crime fighting in our community”.

The police Precinct was handed over by the said organization to the Southern Region Commander, Senior Superintendent of Police Robert Mariono.

Mr. Robert Mariano- Senior Superintendent of Police

“This precinct will be open for  serving the public 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.   At this time, we already have community policing officers posted here; we have a Senior officer, we have CIB officers, we also have Traffic officers posted at the station.   We also have two personnel working relief duties at a time throughout the day”.

Diana Joseph is now the new President of the organization.

Mrs. Dianna Joseph- President of the Foreshore Neighbourhood Watch Group

“Our precinct is located under the Post Office.   It’s on the corner of Caney, Sharp and Mahogany Streets.   We are trying to continue the lowering on crime by forming this community and neighbourhood watch and we will continue to do so by meeting monthly, every 2nd Tuesday at the Post Office”.

The event was well attended by members and officials from this municipality.

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