Southside police handed awards



In the midst of all the violence, the South Region of the Eastern Division of the Belize Police Department took time out Wednesay to acknowledge officers and civilians as well as businesses who contribute to the efforts of the Police. Commander ACP Chester Williams spoke to how the officers were singled out:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-11-10h41m27s042

“The nominees were nominated by the Commander and the Executive Duty Officer. They normally select a person from each relief and we have a selection process that is done democratically. All the senior managers get together and they have to do a right up on the people. We go through the right up and based on that the senior managers vote and the person with the most votes is the one that will receive that award. There is also the civilian award which is given by me. I look at all the civilian employees and based on that I decide based on their performance which of them will be given this award. In respect to the outstanding NCO award that is done through the democratic process. In respect to CIB and Special Branch those were selected by the person in charge of those units and it is a democratic process again where we do the selection of the officer based on the amount of votes.”

During the ceremony, ACP Williams put forth a spirited defense of his men:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police

“As we celebrate this achievement today let me welcome all the awardees to this important occasion. We know it is an occasion where you came and having work hard for the past three months you will be awarded for the hard work you have done. There are many other officers who are deserving but we cannot award everyone. It is a selection process and we select the best of the best. The people that have been selected are the best of the best and therefore we congratulate each and everyone of you. You must remember as police officers that while we celebrate this occasion there is still a greater task that lies ahead of us. That is to ensure that we continue to do our utmost best in keeping our city safe. It is not an easy task but we do so while we are being scrutinize and criticized by those who believe that we are not doing as much as we can. And rightfully so we must embrace every criticism that is thrown at us. Those that are constructive and those that are negative we must do our best the expel them. At the end of the day I do believe that despite what anyone might want to say the police officers at South side Belize City are doing a hell of a job.”

The Belize City Council was one of the recipients of recognition and Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley paid tribute to the work police men do.

Darrel Bradley,Mayor of Belize Cityvlcsnap-2016-07-11-10h43m30s532

” I do think that when member of the community invest in our human resources and we show that we appreciate them that is something to be applauded. The police in our community are the men and women that are on our fund lines and I will say as the leader of Belize City that each and every one of you do us great honor and great credit. I know police officer that go to court and when their finished they have to put in 12 hours. I know police officers that go in very dangerous circumstances. It gives me great pleasure this afternoon to join the police to really celebrate and honor all the tremendous work that each and every one of you do.”

The ceremony is held quarterly


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