Soy bean in the north of the country test positive for GMO

vlcsnap-2013-06-07-18h38m58s186On May 24th, 2013, the Plant Health Department of the  Belize    Agricultural    Health   Authority   (BAHA)      discovered     suspected    genetically modified  soybean   seeds   in   Northern   Belize.   As   a   result,   samples   of   the   suspected soybeans were submitted to BAHA’s Plant Health Diagnostics Laboratory in Central Farm for GMO screening. The screening tests were conducted on May 28th  and all the samples tested positive indicating that the seeds were genetically modified. A   further   set   of   samples   were   then   sent   to   Eurofins   Genescan   laboratory   in   the United States on May 30th for a confirmatory test. On   June  5th, BAHA   received  results   of   the   confirmatory   test, which  verified  vlcsnap-2013-06-07-18h39m29s244the  results   of  previous   tests   conducted   by   BAHA   on   the   soybean seeds. Since the sowing of GMO seeds is prohibited in Belize, BAHA has placed the seeds  under    quarantine,   and    will  render   the  seeds   non-viable   by   milling.  The    milled soybean     seeds   will  be   used  for  the   production    of  animal   feed   which   contains genetically modified soybeans. That’s because Belize already is currently importing animal feeds which contain genetically modified soybeans.

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