Spain to Reject Fishery Imports from Belize

Europen CommissionFlag of Belize PictureIn November of this year, the European Commission made recommendation that several countries, Belize included, be blacklisted for failure to do enough to stop illegal activities on the high seas by ships registered in the country’s name. In response, Government affirmed that it would strengthen its control mechanism for high seas fisheries with the hope that the country will soon be out of the list of non-cooperating third countries. Whether or high seas fishing in the Caribbeannot we are able to meet that goal in the future, the damage has already been done. It has been announced this week that Spain will reject imports of fishery products from Belize effected December 21st. According to, a comprehensive web site for the commercial fishing industry,  “Imported fishery products which are accompanied by a catch certificate validated before 22 December, 2013 by the authorities of Belize, Cambodia and Guinea Conakry will be subjected to all routine checks deemed necessary. And the products covered by validated catch certificates after 21 December this year by the authorities of any flagged State identified as non-cooperative will be rejected.” Spain’s decision, notes the news article, is a direct consequence of the EC’s black-list

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