Spanish Lookout Farmer did give Police statement

Lloyd Theissen and his wife, through his spokesperson told Plusnews the day after Llewelyn Lucas was killed, that Lucas had calledvlcsnap-2016-07-22-10h35m03s170 him on Friday morning and told Thiessen that he, Lucas, would try to vlcsnap-2016-07-22-10h35m15s42get back Thiesen’s money from William Mason who did not deliver on a shipment of corn that he had been paid some $300,000 to do. According to the Mennonite Farmer, he had tried to get his money back many times before but was given the run around by Mason. Finally, in June, Mason invited him to his Belmopan home to work out a deal but he was taken downstairs of the house where he and his wife were bound and blind folded. He says they were threatened and told that they needed to pay William Mason $2,500 weekly in order to live. According to Thiesen, he told the police but according to authorities, this was not  formal police report and so they did not act upon it since Thiesen left the country and fled to Canada.

The Spokersperson told PlusNews that Theissen DID give an official report and that it was 12 pages long. At the end of the report he did request court action as, not only was he arrested but a ransom was also arranged, and a part of it paid.

Police, on the other hand, had told the nation that  now that Mason is in jail, Theissen returned to the country on Tuesday and made an official compliant to them.  According to police, Theisen says William  Mason introduced Pastor Llewellyn Lucas to him as his accountant and advisor and was the one who delivered half of the three hundred thousand dollar payment to Mason initially.

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