Special Constable Fights to Keep Police Job

51 year old Santos Rodriguez, also known as Santos Carvajal, is a former BDF soldier and security expert who worked out of the Mesopotamia Police Station from 2009 and has been a licensed chess instructor from sometime before that.

Carvajal was charged with the  carnal knowledge with a 12 year old minor last March.

The alleged encounter took place the previous November and the minor reportedly became pregnant, but Santos has professed his innocence and told us that he has yet to receive disclosure on his case.

He has reportedly been told by the Police Department that he can expect to lose his job as a special constable at any time now. There is a termination letter prepared for him which he has not received, and his pay has been withheld for three consecutive paydays. But he insists that he has done nothing wrong and wants to know why he is being fired.

vlcsnap-2014-04-01-00h04m31s58Mr. Santos Carvajal- Former Special Constable

“Due to the fact that I cannot meet my obligations at the bank, I called out Belmopan and find out with what was the situation with my salary.  so, I found out that they had prepared a dismissal letter for me.  However, I have not gotten it as yet, but it has been one month and change that I have been calling the Government minister to see if this matter can be rectified, and up to avail, no response and no help from Belmopan”.

Reporter:  “So, where does that leave you?  It would seem that you don’t have a job anymore, at least not with the Belize Police badgepolice department”.

Mr. Santos Carvajal:  “Yes, there is a victimization against me in the department which has caused this matter for my pay for me to be stopped.  However, I am a disciplined individual and I am committed to working with the Police Department, and I know that at the end of this whole matter, I will be reinstated”.

Carvajal’s case returns to court on Tuesday, April 1 before the Chief Magistrate.

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