Another cop charged in alleged ATM shakedown

This afternoon PLUS News had quite the adventure at the Magistrate’s Court, where a third Belize Police Logo 2013suspect in the Atlantic Bank September shakedown of Thyrell Hyde was read his charges. Special Constable Joslyn Gill, 30, was charged for theft of $260 from Hyde before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart. He pleaded not guilty, and was released on bail of $4,000. The money was allegedly withdrawn from Hyde’s bank account on September 8th.

vlcsnap-2013-12-17-21h01m07s233Gill is accused along with policemen Corporal Reymundo Requena and Constable Edgar Teul of masterminding the incident, shepherding Hyde under the pretension of police business to the Atlantic Bank Freetown Road ATM and stealing his money, as well as an envelope containing money and other personal items from Hyde and his party, then threatening to arrest him if they saw him again.  And like his colleagues, who used ingenuity better suited to catching criminals than acting like them, he showed he’s got quite a few moves.


First, this morning, after waiting for his arraignment, which did not take place, he was allowed to leave through the back without police escort, contrary to standard procedure for persons facing criminal charges who must wait until they are arraigned and granted bail if any.  On returning in the afternoon without escort, we in the press tried to do our jobs and document him with the camera.

But Gill slapped the camera out of our 7 News’ colleague’s hands and sprinted away into the Camera focus lensconfines of the court, but not to a holding cell, rather to a small corridor off the main entrance area where he hid out. His hearing took place away from media eyes, and the bail form was hand delivered to him by one of the police officers working court duty, again to avoid the press. 

After his bail was finalized, he waited for the opportune moment and ran off before any cameras, including ours, could get his face.  Channel 7 journalist Daniel Ortiz told us this evening that he was on his way to lodge a formal police complaint, and the case officer has promised that Gill will be charged with damage to property.

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