Special Envoy addresses crime against women

The recent spate of domestic incidents involving and against women has become serious enough to attract the attention of the Police Department which is fashioning a special strategy to address it. Also keeping an eye is the office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children, and today Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow addressed the issue with reporters.

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“It really saddens  me to know about the crimes that are being committed against women. We on a daily bases advocate for the end of violence against women and violence in general. We just have to continue doing some of the things we are doing and that we are engaged in and we just have to continue our advocacy. We have to call people to live a life of peace. I can’t really comprehend what would drive someone to behave in such manner. All I can say is that we have to come together as a people, we have to believe that we can be the change.

The office continues to conduct its assessments of the situation, but it has found that at least in part, the problem may be economic – women without a source of income forced to depend on abusers to get by. The Special Envoy shared about their work to that end.

Kim Simplis Barrow

“My office has been working on several projects and one major one is entrepreneurship – entrepreneurship of women. I think empowering women and women being able to say, ‘ you know what I can do this on my own and I don’t need to stay in this house hold where I am being abused.  A lot of times, it is the financial strong hold, a lot of times its not being able to leave because you have children who go school and you are depending on that partner to provide for you. So, we have to know what all the underlying issues are  with our victims for us to be able to address the situation properly. We, at our office, have been focusing on entrepreneurship, in developing our women to become entrepreneurs to go into new careers, to kind of show them the way how they can become successful on their own.


In the last few months, Maria Pech was set on fire by her husband but survived; the spouses of Juana Cardinez and Keisha Buller are accused of killing them; police seek the ex-spouse of Merlin Mejia whose throat was slashed in Belize City last week, and Coast Guard seaman Keyren Tzib has been accused of attempted murder and manslaughter for separate attacks on a supervisor and her common-law husband.

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