Special Envoy urges parents’ vigilance over children

Over the past two weeks, we reported on three incidents of harm upon children, allegedly due to negligence. A months sold baby was shot in his back whenthe pellet gun in his father’s hand went off. The child has survived. A three year old drowned in her neighbor’s yard when she wandered from home unattended. The most recent incident also resulted in death and occurred on Monday when 6 year old Daisy Avecedo died after being shot in the neck while playing with her step father’s 9mm gun. The stepfather has since been charged with Causing Death by Careless conduct.  Yesterday, the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, issued a press release urging parents to be more vigilant of the doings and whereabouts of children.  Kim Barrow further urged the general public to stow Firearms in appropriate locations and to have conversations with children about the dangers of playing with or handling weapons inappropriately.

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