‘Spelling Bee’ Zone Winners of Belmopan Share Their Success

spelling beeThe Coca Cola national spelling bee 2014 is well on its way with zone eliminations being held across the country.  One Belmopan school dropped by to show off their top two winners for their zone.

Those two students of The Shepherd’s Academy in Belmopan are Standard 5 student  Michael Sabido and Standard 6 student Danai Harrison.  Michael placed 1st for the zone and is headed to the district eliminations.

vlcsnap-2014-02-28-17h19m52s197Michael Sabido- Spelling Bee Zone Winner

“For the next level, my teacher will give me harder words and I will study my list even more and I will look up even more on German-French pronunciation spelling.  I’d like to thank my teachers, my classmates and my parents.  They’ve really helped me a lot during my preparation”.

2nd place winner Danai Harrison has won zone elimations three years in a row.  She tells us how she plans to prepare for the next level.

vlcsnap-2014-02-28-17h25m16s38Danai Harrison- Spelling Bee Zone Winner

“I am going to get some really, really odd words and different pronunciations with really odd spelling, and like just practice and practice more and more.  I would just like to thank my friends, my family and my teachers for everything for helping me studying”.

The school teacher told us that they are not sure yet what is the date for the Cayo District Eliminations.

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