Squatters served with Eviction notice

Residents in the East Piccini Extention of Belmopan scheduled a meeting for 6 p.m this evening to take further action on the squatting issue in their area.  In our last newscast on Friday, we extensively covered the illegal squatting taking place within

reserved areas near the Mount Pleasant Creek in the Belmopan Heights area. Our drones covered the area and to our surprise most of the southern part of the buffer is gone and in its place are cleared lands where construction of wooden homes are happening. We also did a walk through of the area, where we came across about 9 houses, some better built than others, but none there for more than four months and most within the last week. After Plustv posted pictures of the squatting on social media on Friday, residents expressed outrage and they demanded that authorities do something. Well, as we reported, authorities did do something. Area Representative John Saldivar, the Deputy Mayor of Belmopan, the City Administrator, several City Councilors, and the OC of Belmopan police were all out in full force on Friday visiting the area and did a thorough walk through.  In an interview with Plus News on Friday, Ralston Frazer, the City Administrator, told us that by today the squatters should be served with a 14 day eviction notice. While the concerns and outrage of residents in the area on Friday caused authorities to quickly take action, residents of the East Piccini Extention have decided to take further action. Plus News understands that there is a meeting, ongoing at the moment, on the corner of Victoria and Doyle’s Delight Street for residents in the area.  Karen Williams, a resident and community leader from Doyle’s Delight Street told us more in an appearance on our ‘Rise and Shine’ morning show.

Karen Williams, Community Member:

I am thankful for the City Council for moving in and doing the right thing here because… We will hold them accountable of course and we will also move towards getting the next step done. We have to meet, we are meeting this evening at 6 o clock at the end of Victoria Peak and Doyle’s Delight. The community will be meeting and the goal is for us to develop a strategy to move forward because we cannot,; we have this agreement yes and of course we know that this is not enough. The area that was agreed upon from the beginning in is yellow, that is the area that is the Creek reserve and we want to make sure we get that area properly registered and that would mean to get it surveyed and to name it, and to get some agreement with the City Council for us to manage that area properly so that we can plant the trees and replant the areas that were destroyed.

This morning the Belmopan City Council issued a press release stating that the squatters have received written notices of the warnings and have been strongly advised to leave the area.

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