St. Anne’s Church burglarized

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The St. Anne’s Anglican Church in Belmopan was ransacked sometime between the evening of Sunday April 3rd and the morning of Monday April 4th. Stolen from there were  the following items: 1 computer HP full set, two 32inch TV – TLC brand, 1 DVD player- sony brand, wines, 1 Radio, 1 Amplifier, 2 desktop speakers, and 1 microphone. According to Rose Marie Madera, a Lay Minister of the St. Ann’s Anglican Church, the church committee made the disheartening discovery that the church had been burglarised when a lay minister opened the back door and found the place in shambles.

Rose Marie Madera – Lay Ministervlcsnap-2015-05-05-11h50m13s7“This afternoon about 1:00 pm, one of our church committee members entered through the regular door at the far right. Upon entering, realized that things were thrown around on the floor and quickly realized that thief of thieves entered the building.  I would want to appeal  to the public that if they hear or see anybody trying to sell any of these items to kindly call the church office at 822-0516.”

Emanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reporter

“Now youvlcsnap-2015-05-05-11h56m46s105 were explaining to me that the church has been burglarized. Tell me about that.”

Rose Marie Madera

“The first time it was burglarized , they also went with T.V and DVD player among other items.  Thereafter, what we did was install a burglar bars at that same window. Now they actually pulled the burglar bar out and took out some of the louvers to enter. “

Personal from CIB arrived at the church late this evening to process the scene. Investigations continue.

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