St. Martin’s Easter Day Kick Off

vlcsnap-2014-04-11-17h38m22s2Children from St. Martin’s Government School in Belmopan had an Easter holiday kick off this morning with an all day sports day event at the Governor General’s Field in Belmopan.

We dropped by right in time to witness the old marble and spoon race. Clementina Romero, Vice Principal of St. Martin’s Government School, told us that this initiative is all part of their mission.

vlcsnap-2014-04-11-17h39m24s38Ms. Clementina Romero- Vice Principal of the St. Martin’s Government School

“We want to ensure that one of the things in spite of the mission of our school.  To accomplice our mission, we ensure that our children have fun. We set aside our sports day./  The sporting events that you just saw a while ago when you came, we had the marble and spoon.  That is basically one of the sport games for our sports day.  We also had the sponge and bottle; that one is very exciting.  They get to fill their sponges with water, take it to a Coke bottle, and try to get it filled”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “How do you see the kids reaction to the Easter day kick off?”

Ms. Clementina Romero:  “Well, they are very excited.  One of the things that is boosting their excitement is the shirts that they are wearing today.  We ordered shirts for, I guess the first time, and they are so excited by the colours bringing out.  When we were distributing, that was the highlight.  So, it was a highlight even before the date”.

Mary Martinez, a teacher at St. Martin’s Government School and also a member of the Sports Day Committee gave us some statistics of the days competition

vlcsnap-2014-04-11-18h19m57s0Ms. Mary Martinez- Teacher at St. Martin Government School

“We have Green House Crocodile, Red House, Orange Jaguar, Purple House, Eagles, and we have Blue House Sharks”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “How was the start looking.  I am sure the kids were very excited to see who it is going to win”.

Mary Martinez:  “Everybody is so excited, but right now, it is too tight; it is the Purple, the Green and the Red  They are hands on right behind each other, after each other”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “What else will come after lunch?”

Mary Martinez:  “We still have the running race, the sack race, football, we have the balloon task…that will be the final one”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-11-17h38m49s253Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “So, there is still time for the ones at the ball to catch up?”

Mary Martinez:  “Definitely”.

According to Martinez the same excitement is shared by the teachers as well

Mary Martinez:  “I must say that the students and teachers were all excited about the day itself that it is a success; it is happening; we are having fun and the kids are very engaged physically, and moreover, it is one day before we go on Easter break; that is exciting by itself.  Our two weeks after all the hard work, well deserved for us (two weeks for us to rest and enjoy ourselves)”

The winners of today’s sports competitions will be acknowledged on the First Monday after the Easter Holidays.

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