St. Mathews Residents and Police Socialize

On Saturday November 8th, Belmopan Police took up the initiative to visit four areas in Belmopan in a meet and greet session,where they visited about 100 homes.

This past weekend, Belmopan police hit the village of St. Matthews on the George Price Highway, where they met with residents and took note of their concerns.

Inspector Stephanie Grinage, Deputy Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Formation, told us what were the general concerns of the people.


vlcsnap-2014-12-11-09h25m59s53vlcsnap-2014-12-11-09h21m53s198Inspector Stephanie Grinage – Deputy Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Formation

“On Decenber 6th., that was Saturday, OC Belmopan, Mr Howell Gillett, along with myself and members of the Belmopan Police Formation wisited St Matthews village, and conducted a Meet and Greet in that area.

Concerns were raised by citizens, who stated that they need a Police Station in the area, and also that the liquor bars had loud music at times, and there were also underaged children visiting the local bars.

The police personel visited about 95 homes in that area, and heard the public’s concerns, and we’re willing and we’re able to adress these concerns.” 


vlcsnap-2014-12-11-09h22m08s36The officers were well received and the village council went so far as to treat the police officers to lunch after the meet and greet.

The Belmopan Police Formation is in the process of organizing a meet and greet session in the village of Cotton Tree.

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