St. Mathew’s Villager shot in Belize City

There was a shooting in Belize City as well, also on Sunday.

Shots were fired on Kraal Road, and another St. Mathew’s villager was shot.

39-year-old  Dean Murillo, of St. Mathews Village, was shot to the lower back, the right arm and the left side.

Initial police investigations revealed that about 4:39a.m., Dean Murillo was walking on Kraal Road heading towards Fabers Road, and upon reaching the junction of Kraal Road and Waight Street, a white SUV passed him. Shortly after that, two armed men approached him and fired several shots at him, causing his injury.

One expended shell was retrieved from the scene.

Dean Murillo was admitted to the KHMH in a stable condition.

Police have detained three men and are seeking another as investigations continue.

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