Belmopan School Burglarized

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vlcsnap-2014-05-13-07h25m28s17St. Michaels Roman Catholic School, located in the area of Las Flores in Belmopan, was broken into sometime over the weekend.

According to Joan Sanchez, Principal of the school, before classes began on Monday morning, some of the students told teachers that one of the classrooms has a window opened.

vlcsnap-2014-05-13-07h27m56s211Joan Sanchez – Principal of Saint Michael’s R.C. School

“Sometimes we have students who come to school very early in the morning, and when we arrived this morning they mentioned to us that one of the classroom windows on this building was open.  It was not locked.  I’m assuming that that is where the person or persons gained entrance to the building.”

Principal Sanchez believes that whoever did this used this classroom without a ceiling to gain access to the other two classrooms.

Principal Joan Sanchez:  “The person or persons who came in probably entered through that classroom, and then climbed up in the ceiling, to get access to the other two classrooms, where they broke through the sheet-rock.  They rummaged through the drawers of the teachers.  I’m not sure if they were looking for money, or what it was they were looking for”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “How odd is it that they picked an ordinary classroom to break into?”

Principal Joan Sanchez:  “That’s a very good question because looking in these classrooms in this building, the only things of value in the classrooms are standing fans and a couple of ceiling fans and wall fans.   So, I’m still amazed at why they chose to come into the classroom, and what were they looking for?”  

While nothing in particular was missing from the classrooms, two of the Standard Four teachers, whose classrooms were broken into, experienced financial losses as a result of the damage.

Principal Joan Sanchez:  “Mrs. Barrera just got transferred to our school.  She spent a few thousand dollars to make improvements to her classroom, putting in sheet-rock ceilings, fans. linoleum on the floor, all to improve the physical appearance of the classroom.  Her partner teacher next door, Mr Ecko, he as well solicited help from Mr. Oscar Mira, who spent a whole amount of money, to also improve the appearance of this classroom, just to find out that someone came in and destroyed [things] and made them feel so sad this morning.”

While the Police investigation is still in its preliminary stages, Officer Commanding Belmopan Police told us they are seeking a person of interest.

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