Stabbing incident in Belmopan

There was a stabbing this morning in Belmopan just in front of Friendly Pharmacy near to the Bus Terminal.

As Belmopan swarmed with activity due to the UDP rally, police could be seen patrolling the areas by the bus terminal and markets.

Plusnews was informed of near riotous behavior by the bus terminal, forcing at least one business to close its doors due to the rowdy behavior of those loitering in front of the stores. A squabble in front of the pharmacy actually turned violent, as one person was stabbed.

We asked police to fill us in on the details and while they confirmed to us that there was indeed a stabbing, they refused to release any information, claiming that the person who was stabbed does not want to press charges. They were quick to tell us, however, that the stabbing incident had nothing to do with today’s rally.


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