Staff transferred from Ministry of Immigration

vlcsnap-2013-10-16-08h41m59s54PlusNews has confirmed that Minister of State Edmund Castro has sent a letter to Alverine Burgess, the woman who is accusing the Jr. Minister of partaking in an alleged visa quota system and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the scheme. In the letter, Castro is demanding the woman retract her allegations or he will file suit. We have learned that representing Castro is The Barrow and Williams Law Firm, while Burges has acquired the service of attorneys Dickie Bradley, Arthur Saldivar and Audrey Matura-Sheppard .  She told us that she will not back down from her allegations as she has documentation to substantiate her claims.

Since the news of corruption at the Immigration Department broke out, resulting in the firing of one minister, the discussion on the matter continues. Information now coming out of the Immigration Department suggests that there is a staff sweep underway which will inevitably affect numerous Immigration personnel over the next few weeks. Though this information has still not been confirmed, what we can confirm is that six public officers have been transferred from their posts at the Immigration Department on a very short notice. The Public Service Union (PSU), which represents those six workers, was taken aback by this new development Union Officer Ray Davis told the media yesterday that there is a legal process that must be followed to transfer a public service worker. He said that the Union received the information through word of mouth, much like everyone else. Davis told the media that he then proceeded to visit the Department, where he found out that indeed a few workers had been transferred. Davis concluded by saying that from the information he has gathered, only clerical staff have been transferred- this includes second and first class clerks, and data entry operators. Someone from within the Immigration Department, who chose to remain anonymous, told Plus TV that there is ever growing discontent at the department. She claims that while the junior members of the department are being targeted and transferred, the “Big Fish”- those who actually recommend   the passports and sign the nationality certificates- escape any scrutiny. As we understand it, the nationality section of the department remains closed.

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