Stamps commemorate centennial of arrival in Belize of Pallottine Sisters





The Pallottine Sisters  came to Belize in 1913 and have left their mark on the Belizean landscape, particularly in education. On Wednesday, to mark the centennial of their arrival, the General Post Office introduced a set of commemorative stamps. The event was held at Pallotti High School in Belize City and Deputy Postmaster General James Gabourel spoke to PLUS News.

vlcsnap-2013-10-10-09h30m46s20Mr. James Gabourel- Deputy Postmaster General

“Today, the Post Office is very pleased to be unveiling a set of stamps in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the Pallottine Sisters to the shores of this country.”



Reporter:   “Now, can you tell us, who will be interested in this sole of stamps from a collector’s perspective and why issue these stamps?”

James Gabourel:   “These are historical stamps; and at that, a commemorative stamp would normally depict a historical event.   Persons who would have an interest in the history of a country, would be the ones collecting these stamps.   I must add also that there are collectors who would do collection of stamps in general.   And so, they too, would also be interested in collecting these stamps”.

A grateful Sister Steven Franco, the chair of the planning committee for the centennial anniversary, told PLUS News that they could not be more pleased.

vlcsnap-2013-10-10-09h31m53s188Sister Steven Franco – Pallottine Nun:  

“I feel that this is great; it just blows my mind!  Particularly because so many times we say, everything that comes to Belize breaks down.   But anybody who has planted something for…and it has survived one hundred years, it must be something special…it must be something from God.   And so, today I am elated, I am just bubbling over.   I think this is great and I think that I thank the postal service too, for really blowing us out and bringing it to the full front”.

Reporter:   “Sister, do you feel that this meaningfully reflect the contribution that the Pallottine Sisters have contributed to the society?”

Sister Steven Franco:   “I think it is a shadow of what we did.   You can never thank anybody for services that they did for a hundred years because we have touched from Corozal to the Toledo District.   So, but this is good.   These are human expressions of what our heart really wants to say”.

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