Stephen Okeke Out of Door on Thomas Vincent Ramos Bust

vlcsnap-2014-05-12-18h54m20s186A few weeks ago he was $5,000 richer as a result of donation for the completed bust of Thomas Vincent Ramos, Garifuna hero.

But tonight, sculptor Stephen Okeke has once more run afoul of certain elements that he says are trying to suppress his creativity.

Because his deal with key sponsors of the project has apparently fallen through, Okeke is putting up the bust for sale, as he previously did with that of Philip Goldson. Okeke was animated today as he told us why he will not put up with any more abuse.

vlcsnap-2014-05-12-18h55m45s15Steven Okeke-  Sculptor

“I heard the love Garifuna people, call me f—- African monkey…that I should be deported and all these things, they call me teach…a lot of Garifuna people call me all kind of names I have never being told in Belize.  The funny thing is that I make them understand that this thing is 2014 and that and it’s make Hiccassie, and I do not tolerate stupidity.   So, if somebody has seen me a work that you should have done several years ago, and you can’t conceptualize, you can’t fathom…your intellectual capacity, your intelligence don’t belong in this same rank.  So, if you need to call me idiot or stupid, the value I have in myself does not depend on the description of other people”.

If you want to buy the bust contact Okeke at 662-1678. Donors will still be recognized if the bust is publicly displayed, however if it is privately acquired they will be refunded. The cost is $40,000.

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