Stephen Okeke still not paid for TV Ramos Bust

When last we heard of Stephen Okeke and his T.V. Ramos sculpture, it was because he had finally, after countless efforts, found a buyer for the bust, which was unveiled at the September 19th celebrations in Dangriga. The bust was given to the Dangriga Town Council on a credit basis, and now sits at the temporary Dangriga Town Hall. The arrangement was that Mr Okeke would be paid a down payment for the bust by mid November, or the end of November at the very latest.

November has come and gone and, according to Stephen Okeke,  he has still not been paid, even though he gave it to them at a discounted price.


vlcsnap-2014-12-04-07h48m29s140Stephen Okeke – Sculptor

“So far there has not been any progress.  we had an understanding that some payment wouuld be made in the process of the celebration, and of course the nineteenth would have been used as a vehicle to facilitate payment.  Then worst case senario, by the end of November that a substantial amount of money would ave been paid, but so far no payment has been made, and no communication so far.  That’s where it stands right now.  No payment has been recieved, and there was no down payment anyway. 

I would be pleased if I’m paid, so that I can pay those who financed the project.  It was a six years project.  The payment is not profit.  that goes into another money that procurred to make the project possible. 

We gave also a tremendous discount of over ten thousand dollars, just to facilitate the process.  It would be good if I’m paid, so that I could move from there.”


The payment plan was made with the TV Ramos Foundation.

We spoke over the phone with the area representative for Dangriga Hon. Ivan Ramos, of T. V Ramos Foundation,  and also the Grandson of TV Ramos, who told us that Mr Okeke should be receiving his first payment by the end of the week, if everything goes as planned. The TV Ramos foundation is paying for the bust through fundraisers.

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