Stevedores forbid CWU from continuing negotiations with Port of Belize

Stevedores want Christian Workers Union to halt negotiations with the Port of Belize. That’s according to a letter dated June 12, 2017, and addressed to President of the Christian Workers Union, Dale Trujeque. The letter states that Trujeque and the negotiation team are being asked to  vlcsnap-2017-06-16-14h04m01s572 vlcsnap-2017-06-16-14h04m05s407

“..step away from the bargaining table with Port of Belize Ltd with immediate effect”.  The letter further instructs Trujeque that   “ are prohibited from organizing any other matters associated with or in relation to the collective bargaining agreement process until further notice.”

The stevedores also demand that Trujeque does not attempt to collaborate with stevedores that are members of the bargaining unit at this time.  The letter was written by Cyril Fuller junior and was signed by 33 stevedores. The letter doesn’t give any reason for the demand but says that the reason will be discussed at a later date at a special meeting with the executive council of the Christian Workers Union to be held at the earliest possible time.

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