Steven Buckley claims Police should pay medical bills

Police Commissioner Whylie faces a call from a citizen his men allegedly shot and injured in April of 2010 to take care of his hospital bill. We told you of the travails of Steven Buckley, who at the time of the incident was a construction worker returning home from his job site when the vehicle he was in was stopped by officers looking for a suspect in a shooting incident. One of the officers, now charged with Buckley’s attempted murder, shot at him when he thought he saw him going down for a weapon in the vehicle. Today Steven Buckley tells us what he wants done.

Steven Buckley:
vlcsnap-2013-07-15-18h32m02s211The boss says I want Commissioner of Police contact me, and the police to help me. I realy want them contact me and inform me what do go on.
They say that I owe them over sixty thousand dollars, and if I don’t pay they, they a bring more pressure pon me.
I can’t work.
I think I shouldn’t pay for that because that a me get hurt.  That Policeman di hurt me.
Well, Policeman named Mr Jefferies, he say them they go clear off the bill and everything.  So I don’t know what going on now.

Mr Buckley has not ruled out taking the matter to civil court. Meanwhile, the criminal case against interdicted police inspector Dennis Lopez continues to meander along in the Supreme Court.

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