Still Clueless in the Case of the Missing Ramon Cervantes Sr.

vlcsnap-2014-07-02-18h05m31s45It has been almost 96 hours since well known business man of Orange Walk Town Ramon Cervantes Sr. was reported missing. However despite the relentless efforts of the community and police officers there is still no clear lead on the case.

Police have reserved comment on the ongoing investigation, however there are reports that several individuals have been brought into the station for questioning.

Plus News understands that there are also several accounts from people in the San Ramon Village that reported they saw Cervantes going across the Rio Hondo River in the company of three other men.

An even more alarming report is that a young woman from Orange Walk Town alleges that she received a strange phone call from a man late Thursday night.

The man allegedly asked her in Spanish if she is the wife of Ramon Cervantes.  The young female said she told the man she was not and the call was cut off.

A closer look at her cell phone number revealed that her number resembles that of the wife of Ramon Cervantes.  In the mean time, Orange Walk police have tightened up security as they try to follow all leads available.

Cervantes’ last known whereabouts was on his cane field about a quarter of a mile off the Rio Honda Road. He was reported missing after he failed to arrive home for lunch on Tuesday July 1st.

vlcsnap-2014-07-05-00h39m30s195Later, his son Ramon Cervantes Jr. found his abandoned land-rover in his cane field where he had told his son that his vehicle had crashed. Beside his vehicle was found his spray pump, his cap, and the card board backing of a roll of duck-tape.

The last time his son Ramon Cervantes Jr. spoke to his father, he had told him that he was heading somewhere in the village of San Jose.

Cervantes served as the mayor of Orange Walk under the PUP from 1989 to 1991 and as senator from 1984 to 1989; his son Ramon Cervantes Jr. was elected as PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North last week Sunday.

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