Still no sign of Andy Rhaburn

Andy Rhaburn has still not been found as yet. Today, police say they got some tips as to his whereabouts but  none of them has yielded any results.  26 year old Rhaburn allegedly hit his mother in the head with a crowbar and then hit another woman. His mother, 56 year old Braulia Pech, died as a result of the injury while the other woman survived. After hitting the women, Rhaburn  ran off and has not been located since. 

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

There was some information this morning and police have been following up in regards to where Andy Rhaburn may be but that was fruitless. I know that there is a wanted poster out. All formation messages have been sent that he is wanted in connection with this investigation.


Is he armed and dangerous?

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

I do not know that he would be considered armed just to be with the crowbar but I know that some care must be exercised whenever he is seen.

The incident happened in Carmelita Village. Rhaburn’s sister told the media that Rhaburn has had a history of mental issues and may not have been taking his meds.

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