Store Owner May Be Charged For Fatal Shooting Of Robber

Police in Orange Walk are contemplating possible charges for the owner of a Chinese superstore near the Northern Regional Hospital, after he shot dead one of two young men who robbed him on Friday afternoon.

Leslie Logan Jr., son of deceased Inspector Leslie Logan and a former officer himself, was identified as one of the two men who entered the store and held up an assistant at gunpoint, and removed a sum of money from the cash register, handing it over to an unnamed accomplice. That person fled, but as Leslie Logan turned to leave, the owner, holding his licensed firearm, set chase, caught up with him and shot him several times. He died just as he was being transported across the street to the hospital.

Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez updates us on the investigation with regard to the store owner.

vlcsnap-2014-09-24-06h01m00s53Raphael Martinez – Press Officer, Police Department

 He has been released pending investigation. If something new comes up, we will definitely prosecute it.”


“Sir, there is some reports that his intent to defend himself may have been forfeited, when he pursued this alleged robber onto the street and then shot and killed him. Is that what police is investigating at this time?”

Raphael Martinez

“That’s one of the angles, of course, that police are looking at as we speak.”


“There was another person that robbed the establishment. Has anyone else been detained in connection with it?”

Raphael Martinez

“No, we are still seeking that particular individual.”

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