Stove blows up; BDF soldier dies

A BDF soldier is dead after his stove blew up on him. On Saturday 10th February, 27 year old Rodolfo Martinez , BDF soldier of Bigfalls Village Toledo District, was fixing his stove when it blew up. Apparently there was a leak in the hose leading to the gas tank. Martinez was taken to the Punta Gorda Hospital for  burn injuries to the front of his body but was later transported to KHMH for further treatment. Unfortunately,  he succumbed to his injuries on Monday February 12th.

Teresa Martinez – Mother of the Deceased
“On Saturday evening, at 6:30 my son was cleaning his lawnmower for next day to chop my yard, and he was fooling with gasoline at the same time. I was cooking on my stove, cooking rice. And he was passing by, close to my stove, he get hit on the flame.”

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