Street Fixing Challenges in Belmopan

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Residents of Salvapan area that live in the Calle De Las Americas Street Extension are under dire need of street repairs. The street is trafficked regularly as it is the main point of entry for residents on the Northernmost part of Salvapan. The street extension has always been left in a bad state however the recent rains have since worsened the conditions of the road leading into that area.

Cirilio Choco is a resident of that community.


vlcsnap-2014-12-05-07h03m40s161vlcsnap-2014-12-05-07h04m51s113Cirilo Choco – Resident of Salvapan

“I’m complaning on behalf of all of us, the residents of the Salvapan area, because our road looks like it’s a road where you haul logs.  The reason is that it’s a pig road, lots of mud, lots of holes, lots of water, especially for mosquitoes, and [it’s] very dangerous for kids going to school. 

That’s why I am talking on behalf  of the Salapan people, towards the media, to let you guys know that we need help, and we need to call our ministers and our Area Representative to please help us in this area.  We have more that fifty kids who come to school every day, mothers, children, men who go to work every day, and then we have to pass through all of this mud.”


Calle De Las Americas was refilled on Wednesday with gravel, but no works have yet gone into the street extension.

vlcsnap-2014-12-05-07h03m14s180vlcsnap-2014-12-05-07h03m02s55Meanwhile, some major street repairs have been underway in the Capital of Belmopan over the past months, and while it is the Belmopan City Council’s responsibility for City Infrastructure, a number of those projects have been done under the oversight of Belmopan Area representative Minister John Saldivar. One of those projects is the cementing of Cemetery Road in the Salvapan area.

When we spoke to Mayor Simeon Lopez on our Rise and Shine show in September of this year, he told us that the contractor for that project was a “Padilla”, who happens to also be in the food business.

Very reliable sources within the City Council say that when the Mayor was asked to sign the contract for Cemetery Road, he did not bring the matter to the council for a caucus decision and the council did not see the contract nor the plans.  Other sources inform Plus News that the council has been questioned by the Prime Minister about the contract, since it was the Ministry of Finance that financed the almost 1 million dollar dollar project.

Furthermore, a quick inspection of the newly cemented street reveals a number of cracks alongside and across the structure.

The road was opened on November 19th, 15 days ago.

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