Students from Galen University kicked off the basketball team

Tonight we intended to bring you the story of some ten students from the University of Galen, who were to sign contracts renewing their athletic scholarships with the Galen Eagles Basketball team, but when our news team arrived at the Satellite Campus in Belmopan, there was a major shift in the program. After being invited to the event, we were suddenly restricted from filming the ceremony. That’s because only three of the athletes and their families were inside the room for the signing. The other remaining players and their families, were locked out of the room, because according to President Dr. Louis Zabaneh, they were late. So the ceremony went on without them and the three who were there, signed for the renewal of their athletic scholarship contracts. This has spun into a social media frenzy, with many people up in arms at the administration’s decision. Late this evening, Galen issued a release explaining, “Some of our student-athletes were indeed late, and very late, for the meeting that was scheduled for today, April 4, 2013 to start promptly at 11:00 am. Of the entire team, we only had 3 team members who were on time; one student-athlete was excused due to prior obligations, while the others arrived late.” The release continues, “In essence, the student-athletes arrived late, a repeated problem which the University has been trying to deal with as it relates to the team. Thus, we are simply demonstrating through our actions that time waits for no one and the student-athletes, who are all University students on full tuition, books and fees scholarships being covered by Galen, are expected to exhibit this level of responsibility and maturity.” So what will happen to those students? Well, the administration says that their scholarships will not be revoked, but they will not be able to play on the basketball team. We note that the Galen Eagles presently hold the national title for college ball in the country.

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