Successful Clean-up Campaign in Santa Elena

vlcsnap-2013-03-05-18h58m15s211The Bishop Martin Neighbourhood Watch Committee is not your ordinary neighbourhood watch group; besides being an invaluable participant in reducing crime, the committee is also active in different sectors of their society. And this past Saturday, they continued in this effort by organizing a cleanup campaign in the Bishop Martin area. We spoke to President of the committee Alberto Palma, who told us how the campaign went.

Alberto Palma – Committee President:
vlcsnap-2013-03-05-18h57m50s207It went very well.  I’m pleased to see the turnout.  It was very good, and I think we did a lot.  We achieved a lot.  Firstly, it was Bishop Martin, as we were the ones that organized it, and also we had the participation of some other Neighbourhood Watch Committees from San Ignacio, and also we got the assistance from the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council, not with personnel but with the back-hoe and a truck.  
We cleaned quite a big area.  

Palma says that this will not be a one time thing, as they plan to host more clean up campaigns regularly.

Alberto Palma – Committee President:
The is Clean-up Campaign is something that we would like to do at least every two months. This is not something that we did and it will be a one time thing. We want to keep doing this, because what we’re trying to do is to tell our members, our community,. that we all need to do our part in the community, because we all live here.

But next on their agenda is a family fun day, which is slated for May.

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