Sudden death on police Street?

A former Health Inspector originally from Punta Gorda Town was found dead in his Belize City apartment sometime after 7’oclock this morning.  He has been identified as Martin Lino and he lived alone in his room at a four apartment building located in Lake Independence.   Policorpio Cowo is the caretaker of the property and also lives in one of the apartments with his family.  He told us he last saw Lino this past Sunday November 22nd at which time Lino told him to meet him today to collect the monthly rent payment.  He picks up the story from there.


Policorpio Cowo, Caretaker of the Property: This morning I got up early, try see my time to if I can get my rent from him. Push the door to find out if he alive, I see the man dead right inna the room.vlcsnap-2015-11-27-11h43m12s253

Reporter: Did he ever complain to you that he was in pain, suffering from any illness that you know Sir?

Policorpio Cowo, Caretaker of the Property: No. He never complain none at all. The man use to love to drink. That the daily thing, he come drunk. Sometimes I nuh see he. Like I she, I see he Sunday evening until this morning when I find him 7:30.

Reporter: Can you say what happened after the rain yesterday?

Policorpio Cowo, Caretaker of the Property: The smell. The scent. That’s why I came and check to make sure. I smelt something but I didn’t suspect it was him. I think da mi a puppy drag wah lee dead rat inna the house. I nevah know da he.

Reporter: Okay, how long has Mister Lino been renting with you sir?

Policorpio Cowo, Caretaker of the Property: Close to a year. I just had to tell him one week before when rent is due and he would bring it.

 Neighbours in the area reported smelling the unbearable stench since yesterday but no one thought it was from a decomposing human corpse.  Up until news time, no information was forthcoming as to the cause of death. We will provide an update in our subsequent newscast.

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