Sudden Shootout Leaves Three Persons Injured in Belize City

Hand shootingKHMHTwo teenage students and a woman were shot in Belize City on Saturday night.  The incident happened on  Curassow Street when 17-year-old Marlon Samuels,  17-year-old Devin Parham, and 42-year-old Arlene Cole were socializing in an alley.

Reports are that a lone gunman on a bicycle came from the direction of Cemetery Lane into Curassow Street and fired several shots at them.

Marlon Samuels was shot to the right leg, Devin Parham his left foot and Arlene Cole to her right foot.  The three victims  were transported to the K.H.M.H.  where they were treated and released.  Police recovered eight 9 mm. expended shells from the scene.

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