Suicide Pact in Cayo???

Plusnews has received disturbing reports coming out of the Cayo District regarding recent suicide incidents that claimed the  lives of two teenagers in separate incidents recently and another suicide attempt reported two nights ago. Now, Plusnews does not normally report on suicides and we avoid revealing the identity of teens who take their own lives. However, we have been reliably informed that authorities at a school in Cayo are looking into reports that there may be some sort of suicide pact between a few teenagers in the community. We were told that an assembly was called at the school where school authorities spoke to the students about the reports of the suicide pact, making an appeal for any information to be forwarded to the school administrators and staff. Again, we are not revealing any names of any individuals or institutions for the sake of caution and discretion but parents are advised to be aware of these reports and speak to their children about any information they may have regarding this supposed pact. As you may be aware, the Cayo district went through a similar bout of suicides and suicide attempts  some years ago under the banner of “EMO” activities.

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