Sunday Shooting at a Family Gathering

A quiet Sunday evening of relaxation at the residence of the Mora and Neal families turned into a nightmare when at around 4:00 pm on March 8th a gunman approached the yard and let loose a barrage of bullets in
the direction of the family. According to reports the two families were sitting under this palm tree drinking wine and listening to music on a typical Sunday evening when they saw a man wearing a stockings over his head approached them and fired several gunshots injuring Barington Mora in the abdomen and Maxine Neal on the foot. An Eyewitness recounted to us what she saw transpired.

Voice of: Neighbour

“I was in my yard listening to the music that my neighbour was playing. That’s when I heard two gun shots. I ran to the direction of the shots, because I was not sure if it was gunshots I heard, but my mind told me to run. That is when I grabbed my baby and stooped behind a tree. I saw the person run around here. He was in a long blue pants, black shirt, stockings and a hat. He was shooting in that direction, I’m not sure at who, but I kept stooping here until the person left.
” When did you realize someone got hurt?”

Voice of: Neighbor

” When I got down the hill, I heard that my neighbour was shot. So we picked him up n took him in the vehicle. Then my mom told us that she got shot as well because we did not know she was shot on her foot.”

“Now I know you all talk about it among yourselves after it happened…what do you all think happened? Who did they come for?”

Voice of: Neighbor
“We are not sure. They must have shot the wrong man. They must have mistaken him for someone else or something, We are not sure because we did not expect this to happen during the day.

Maxine Neil is being treated at the Western Regional Hospital in a stable condition meanwhile Barington Mora remains at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition. Belmopan police are investigating the incident however information to us is very limited as authorities remain tight lipped on information regarding the last two shooting incidents in the vicinity of Belmopan

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