Superintendent of police’s stolen vehicle found in Guatemala

On Monday 15th of February we reported on the robbery of Police Superintendent Selvin Tillett’s vehicle. Tillett was driving along with his son- in- law in a white 2014 Mazda Pick-up Truck. When they reached home and parked the vehicle in front of their house, two Hispanic males went up to them pointing a black handgun and demanded the vehicle.  The two robbers then got inside the vehicle and drove off heading towards the direction of Arenal Village. Superintendent Tillett then pursued the stolen vehicle as far as Arenal Village but the thieves made it into Guatemalan territory with the stolen truck. On the 15th of February, Benque Viejo Police received information from Policia Nacional Civil, (PNC) in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala that the stolen vehicle had been found in some bushes in an area known as Camalote in Guatemala.  Benque Viejo Police, along with PNC,  visited the area about 10miles from Melchor De Mencos where the white 2014 Mazda pick-up was found abandoned.  The pick-up had damages to the door locks. Police investigations continue.

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