Surveillance cameras across the twin towns

The San Ignacio Police Formation command center was officially inaugurated this morning at the San Ignacio police station. The command center will be able to monitor strategic places within the twin towns through surveillance cameras that were installed at various points in the municipality. Mayor of the Twin Towns, Earl Trapp, spoke to Plusnews saying that the command center became a reality through the collaboration of Alternative Network/ CTL, the Town Hall, San Ignacio and Santa Elena business community, and the police department.

Earl Trapp, Santa Elena San Ignacio Mayor


 This had been a process that began almost under a year. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Mendoza and I been talking to him and he said “Mayor my company can do this, my company can do that if you are interested”. I told him certainly and so we got the police involved and the police openly and warmly came aboard.

Also at today’s inauguration was the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie.

Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie


Oh definitely because the activity happening today would have not been possible without the business community and as well as the Mayor teaming up with the police department here in San Ignacio . We can tell you that having viewed the Command Center it is obvious that the end product, the cameras, are first class cameras. The images are quite clear and quite good and I am certain that it will contribute towards safety between the twin towns.

Dion Leslie,UDP Mayoral candidate for Belize City, was also present today and spoke to Plusnews about the news about the importance of such a command center.

Dion Leslie,UDP Mayoral candidate, Belize City


Well with everything good and bad and things could change comes some detractors and métiers but we have to look at the overall picture. San Ignacio and Santa Elena is a town of municipality that’s in empowers some of the greatest cities in the world London ,Rome, France, under 24 hours surveillance and you’re able to participate ,you’re able to live under the police can’t be everywhere so it gives the citizens a chance to contribute in sense of looking out for one another ,looking out for businesses. [They] report the things that they might see. You have to take an active role if you want to see change and this a step in the right direction.

The command center is also equipped with a vehicle tracking system that will also be able to monitor the deployment of police vehicles.

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