Survey Pegs Removed in Santa Cruz Village

Santa Cruz villagers have been complaining about the surveying of some public lands in that community by the UDP caretaker and the Government of Belize, without any consultation with the Village Council, despite being mandated by the Village Council Act. PlusNews has reported on the community outcry to privatize certain parcels of land designated for public use.

In fact, villagers made their way to Belmopan to protest in front of the National Assembly  a few weeks ago.

vlcsnap-2014-09-17-08h19m53s214vlcsnap-2014-09-17-08h19m04s244This conflict over the surveying of the lands was addressed by the caretaker, Melvin Hulse, who told PlusNews in an off camera interview, that only  a portion of the land will be subdivided for private use, but the rest will be for the public structures.

Well, on Tuesday, PlusNews received information that sometime over the weekend, unknown villagers pulled out all the survey pegs from the disputed fields that were surveyed.

Fifteen police officers from Independence went to the village and collected the pegs, taking the pegs with them.

It is illegal to remove survey pegs, however, the last time we were in Santa Cruz, the village council was saying that the Village Council Act indicates that they are the ones responsible for lands in their community.

No one has since been charged with any crime in relation to the removal of the pegs.

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