Suspect Detained for Rape in Corozal District

A woman was raped in the Corozal district.

A 23 year old Belizean Sales clerk of Corozal district reported that about 7:30pm on Wednesday September 17, she arrived at Carias Bar in Concepcion Village to have some drinks, where she met a male friend from her village. He was along with another man she did not know, but they all drank together until time for the bar to close. The woman’s male friend then left, and she left with the unknown man. She said they walked about 300 meters from the bar, when he grabbed her by her shoulder and placed an object to the her right side of her stomach. The man then told her in Spanish to turn around and walk and not to shout or he would kill her. He then took her on a feeder road and raped her. He then stole her purse with $62.00 and left.

Police have recovered the  purse and have detained the suspect who is 32 years of age.

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