Suspect in custody for Rene Chavarria murder

An unnamed suspect has been detained in relation to last Friday night’s murder of 25 year old Rene Chavarria of Ladyville. We hear more from Assistant Commissioner of Police and Officer in Charge of Rural Eastern Division, Edward Broaster.

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As it pertains to Chavarria’s murder we had one suspect in custody who was identified by the minor, and he will be charged for aggravated assault and using deadly means of harm. As it pertains to the murder of Chavarria, we don’t have any evidence as yet to tie anyone to that particular murder but the investigation continues.”

Chavarria was shot three times from behind while riding his bicycle, heading home from the direction of the Phillip Goldson Highway around 9:00 by two men  Chavarria then ran towards the Caribbean Shrimp Farm and managed to jump over a drain to the right hand side of Marage Road, where he fell in the bushes. His body was recovered by police later.

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